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Welcome to Our Farm

Eco-friendly gifts for everyone
Purple Valley Farm, Jonesborough, Tennessee

Purple Valley Farm is an eco-friendly, family-run farm with a handful of hives nestled among our heirloom fruit trees. Located in the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains in Jonesborough, TN, we operate the old-fashioned way, sustainably harvesting our honey by hand and bottling one jar at a time. We never heat, filter, or add anything to our ethically produced honey. Our bees and our family thank you for your support.

Check out our delicious treats, made with premium and organic ingredients.
Raw organic honey, healthy gifts

Raw Organic Honey

If you can't wait until 2024 for your Honeybee Hive Share, we do have limited quantities of honey for sale.

Our honey is brought to you by tens of thousands of bees who visit the 160 heirloom and organically managed apple, pear, cherry, and peach trees of Purple Valley Farm, including unique and rare heirloom apples from the Tennessee region.This honey is 100% raw, unfiltered, and unheated. We maintain the hives without antibiotics or chemicals, which can build up in the wax and contaminate the honey and cause deformities in new bees. We limit the honey we harvest to ensure that the bees have enough stored to comfortably make it through the winter and early spring months prior to flowers blooming.

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Organic Honey Caramels with Apple Cider and Sea Salt

We have limited edition organic honey caramels with apple cider and sea salt! The honey comes from our bees at Purple Valley Farm, and the apple cider evokes the flavor of fall in the orchard. They make perfect gifts or favors for your next holiday party. 

Purple Valley Farm Honeybee hives tended by beekeeper

Honeybee Hive Shares

It's important to support the planet's most essential pollinator, but not everyone has the ability, space, or time to raise bees. Participating in our Honeybee Hive Share program allows you to adopt a honeybee hive for a year and experience the fascinating world of beekeeping without any risk of getting stung. Each Honeybee Hive Share includes:

  • Honey – Shipped once per year after the summer harvest

  • Hive Share Certificate

  • Your name listed on our Honeybee Hive Share web page

  • Seasonal updates (spring, summer, and fall) on what's happening in the hive 

  • An opportunity to visit your hive – Schedule a trip to the farm!

  • Exclusive early access to purchase additional honey in 2024

Makes a great holiday gift! Buy your hive share today!

Let us know if you have any questions!

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Organic farm in East Tennessee
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