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About Our Trees

organic farm with apple and pear trees in Tennessee

Purple Valley Farm is home to about 160 fruit trees, including pears, peaches, and cherries. However, the orchard is predominantly filled by over 30 varieties of apple trees. 

The orchard was planted by a previous owner of the property who loved apple trees. His family established the Lost Cove settlement in North Carolina, and was the last to leave it in 1957. Once passenger railroad service to the area ceased, the isolated area became a ghost town. The previous owner remembered the fruit trees his family managed in Lost Cove, and returned to gather scion wood to graft multiple heirloom apple trees from Lost Cove onto root stock on the farm. The orchard combines these heirloom apples with more standard varieties, resulting in a diverse assortment of trees you won't see anywhere else.

Because there are so many types of trees on the farm, they bloom at different points throughout the spring and summer, providing a continual feast for the bees. ​

In the future, look for apple products like apple cider vinegar in addition to our honey!

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